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Comfort food for nasty head cold sufferers

When the head cold hits, I make soup! 


That’s a lot of soup for a family of 3!

I don’t follow recipes when I cook unless I’m trying something new and even than, a recipe is a guideline. 

How do I make a chicken and vegetable soup?

1. Take all the vegetables out of the fridge, countertop bowl and cupboard

2. Pick what you feel would work in a soup. This time it was: garlic, sweet onion, red onion, purple carrots, celeri, green beans, cauliflowers, red potatoes and tomatoes… I think!  All fresh from our weekly farm basket!

3. Add chicken and some chicken broth. 

4. Add all the herbs you like (and in my case this week, what I could smell… Remember head cold!)

Emily loved the soup!  

Her words: “mom is that homemade cause it’s really good”

My girl!

What about those beets you ask?

I realized we had many beets in the fridge when I took everything out for the soup… So I boiled them. 

I’m not sure if Emily likes beets, she doesn’t ask for them and because I love beets so much, I never force anyone else to eat them. 

I’m nice like that. 

In our farm basket this week we had some nice chard so while Emily only wanted Mac N Cheese…

I let my cooking creativity go and made this…

A little butter, some sugar and a splash or 2 of apple cider vinegar

Lots of vitamin C in there. 

I plated it with some left over rice we had from the night before

 This could have fed 2 easily but Jon was working and Em was in paradise eating her Mac N Cheese. 

I slowly ate the whole thing! 

Is there a vegetable out there you can’t never have enough of?

12 thoughts on “Comfort food for nasty head cold sufferers

  1. That all looks good! I do love some broccoli, considering I wouldn’t touch it as a kid, it’s pretty much my go-to now that I’m grown! I make salads with it, I steam it, I steam it and pop it on top of a baked potato! LOL
    Feel better soon!

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