Tenacity – How many time will you pull yourself back-up?

Tonight at cheer Emily and her team practiced lifting one of them of the floor. I’m sure their is a term for it but what I saw was my girl holding her friend in her arms with the help of her coaches.

Em was exhausted, this was difficult and not fun at all. She wanted to stop doing this and just go home…

I bribed her to stay with the promise of cheesecake!

Yes, I am that mom!

On the way home, I asked her what happened and she said it was too hard. She said “I can’t do this!”

I replied “yet! You can’t do this yet!” Than proceeded to tell her this story, my first ever blog post from way back when not many people followed Lessons from my daughter.

My girl is in the shower now so she can smell good before she tackles that cheesecake and she feels somewhat better about lifting her friend because currently she just can’t do it yet 😊

Here’s the story I told her!  It’s a short and powerful one!

Lessons from my daughter

When people look at my daughter, they see someone who is different, a teenager holding her parent’s hand, a young girl who seems “slower” (to be polite….).  A teenager carrying a doll around…..

Looking at my daughter now, I am reminded of a little girl who wanted to walk so badly that over 13 months (March 2001 to March 2002) she tried to walk every single day…  On average a couple of times per hour for 10 to 12 hours a day…  Do the math, a small 3 year old girl, fell at least 8,000 times but pulled herself back-up and tried again!

I don’t care what the outside world think…..  ok, that’s not true, I do care!  I hope the whole world could see that she is my hero, my personal life coach, that she has overcome so much in her life …..

A 3 year old taught me…

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Can you believe?

Can you believe that the baby on the left (Emily) is the young lady on the right?

But even crazier….

Did you notice the dress?

Two things

1. I’m keeping clothes for way too long. 

2. Holy f…  I was that size as an adult?!??  I should really do something about this!

But for now, I’ve given Emily 2 piles of clothes like this one 


And between Jon and I we gave 8 big bags of clothes to charity. 

Somehow, our closets are still full 😳


On a different subject. 

Cheer season is over and we celebrated by attending a black and white banquet. 

Although slightly overwhelming, Emily did great and received the Strive award for her dedication to cheer!

Yeah Emily. 


We leave on our trip out west soon so I’ve been in planning mode lately. So sorry for not being here as much but over the last 20 years, it’s only the second time that I take 2 weeks of vacations in a row. It takes a lot of planning at work for me to make this happen and a lot of planning at home to be sure this goes well!  

I’ll keep you posted as we tackle this adventure!


In the middle of all this planning and closet cleaning, Emily and I went to the movie!

She fits right in there!  

I will be back to check on all of your blogs soon!

Take care!