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Ellie’s journey 

Do you remember that little baby girl I fell in love with recently? Ellie has Cri du Chat Syndrome, just like Emily and lives just a couple of hours away.

Her mom started blogging today! Yeah!

Please take a minute and go visit her blog!

Ellie and emmetts world

Ellie Jane was born at 10:20 pm on January 20th 2016 weighing 7’9 and 21 inches long .

So let me start from the beginning, I was a nervous wreck when I found out I was pregnant as I just had a miscarriage 4 months before, but I was happy to be having my rainbow baby. I had a healthy pregnancy, I was sick all the time but hey that’s normal 😉 all of my bloodwork and tests that they do during pregnancy came back clear as a whistle. When I hit the 18th week we found out we were having a girl! We were ecstatic since we already have a gorgeous little boy Emmett!

January 20th I went into labour, it was quick and didn’t have anytime for a epidural ! I instantly knew there was something wrong, Ellie wasn’t crying , they called another nurse and started working…

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