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But does he know……

I discovered this blog recently and just love everything I’ve read so far!

I’ve had conversations with Emily about her Cri du Chat Syndrome diagnosis and over the years, it felt like I was just talking out loud but I now know that she was listening. I was always afraid that one day she would blame me for not telling her she was different….

There are no right or wrong way, there is just the way we feel comfortable with and we all do our best with the cards we were dealt.

Life is interesting like that!

Taking it a Step at a Time

Lost in thought NY

I’ve been asked quite a few times –  twice just this past week, if I have ever told DC that he has autism and if so how did I approach the subject. Most of the questions came from mothers with children that are just beginning to or do already realize that they are different from their classmates and friends.

To be perfectly honest, I really do not think that DC is aware that he is different – I do not know if this is a good thing – at the moment I am going with – yes, but I really do not think he sees any differences between himself and other ‘men’ his age, or anyone for that matter. I really do not believe age is a factor in anything he thinks about or notices. I don’t think age means anything to him at all.

That being said, it is never perfectly clear just what he might understand and what he does not. I really do…

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