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Cheese, dipping oil and strawberry shortcake

Tonight I deserved some of my favorite food!

I try not to complain about my many aches.

My body hurts, all the time but not enough to stop me from moving along and finding my happiness.

For my 40th year (this year) I decided to start taking care of myself…

The physio helped my lower back than I went to a massage therapist for my arm and when my massage therapist said she wanted a chiropractor to have a look, I followed her recommendation.

I have visited the chiropractor 3 times this week.  Monday, I came out of there with my left side from my ankles, to my fingers, to my ear and my head hurting.  I was exhausted.

On Wednesday, I was tired but managed to get some work done after my 2nd appointment

This morning I woke up with a headache but went back this afternoon for more.

I think it’s working… I am not as tired and although my head and ear still hurts, the rest of my body is feeling different.  Not necessarily better but definitely different.

So why my title?

After 3 visits at the chiropractor, tonight, I deserved some of my favorite food.

So tonight, we ate grapes


And a baguette, some of it sliced and some of it diced 🙂


Dipping oils.  I don’t believe Emily ever dipped bread in oil or vinegar before but she gave it a try tonight.  I love this about Emily.  This little girl who wasn’t supposed to be able to learn to chew and swallow food on her own due to her cri du chat syndrome, eats a more diversified diet than most kids her age.

Emily will try anything and loved almost everything.

Tonight, her favorite was olive oil infused with white truffle 🙂  Quite a strong flavor, trust me!


I prepared some cheese (Boursin, Brie, Gruyere, old cheddar and marble cheddar) and veggies than made Emily’s favorite dip.

IMG_3884 IMG_3887

Many of my favorites 🙂

But a food fest wouldn’t be complete without an Angel food cake.  Tonight, I didn’t want to bake it so I bought it already made and got some strawberries and whipped cream.

IMG_3889 IMG_3895

At this point, I got my secret ingredient out.  The home made strawberry jam that my little brother’s mother in law made this summer….



And now to grab spoons and dig in!


What about you?  What is your feel better meal?

30 thoughts on “Cheese, dipping oil and strawberry shortcake

  1. I have back and neck problems – I have severe displacement in my L4/L5 vertebrae (L4 8mm forward, L5 9mm backwards – these are in danger of becoming herniated), a damaged cervical vertebra (C4 has no corner in it) and mild scoliosis (so mild you can’t really see it without a back x-ray)….. I was referred to my chiropractor by my doctor and boy, does he work wonders! I can walk into his surgery (he’s with my doctor in the same one stop surgery as an allied health professional) in immense pain – 10 minutes later, I leave as good as new… so you did the right thing going to the chiropractor at your massage therapist’s recommendation…. I hope you feel better soon

    • I’m glad your chiropractor is helping you. From what mine is saying, I’ve been in some pain for so long that the adjustments is doing now are creating some serious discomfort and giving me headaches. I saw him 3 times this week and I am scheduled for 2 more next week. I slept well last night and my head doesn’t hurt as much so he might be right. Once he’s done with my spine, he will be looking at my jaw which I have been saying for 2 years that it’s not quite right. I’ve finally find someone who agrees so I’m hoping he will be able to help.

      • I’ve apparently had my back problems since I was born – my L4/L5 didn’t fuse properly when I was born. What did end up compounding my problem was lifting 25kg bags of hide salt at work incorrectly…. I have now realised that I’m at fault more than anything for these problems. I’m now lifting correctly and the problems have ceased dramatically

  2. Ouf!! que ça me donne l’eau à la bouche!! We love dipping our bread in oil but may get a few more flavoured olive oils this weekend…thanks so much! my fav foods are bread and all sorts of cheeses…when I moved back to Québec I got back into my tasty old routines. Great post!! Hope your back heals soon…ice packs and heat in between help…hot baths help me a lot.

    • I miss some of the fresh cheese I could get in Québec. I admit to make special stops to “fromagerie” when we drive through “la belle province”.

      We just found new oils in the recent weeks and it was really nice to see Emily try them tonight.

      As for hot baths… I can’t fit in mine… I have a small bath. One day it will be better. But my aches are from many falls and a concussion a couple of years ago… I am going to allow enough time to the chiropractor to do is magic! I hope it works!

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