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Early bird gets the worm!

This morning, I answered many questions about our upcoming trip to Florida. 

Emily made me recite our itinerary. 

She asked all the right questions.

It was an age appropriate conversation.  

When I reconfirmed that we couldn’t get a reservation for Cinderella’s table she was ok with it as she understood that other little girls get to experience what she did in 2008. 

As I told her how early we would get up every single day; she laughed. 

How early she asked?

Your kind of early… I answered… 

Like when there is no school…

You are one crazy early riser I continued…

To that she answered: Early bird gets the worm!


5 thoughts on “Early bird gets the worm!

  1. I love the moments when they have gained another life skill and demonstrate that, yes indeed, there really is a typical person inside. Our kids know what they like, what they need and what they want. We just sometimes don’t quite understand their “language”.

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