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When it clicks

As I went to bed last night it hit me. 

It’s been a month or so since Emily decided to sleep in her own bed… In her room… With the door closed. 

I am so proud of her. 

We’ve tried on many occasions to get her to sleep in her bed but it didn’t work. 

I enjoyed sleeping next to her… I didn’t try really hard to move her to her bed. 


 It started when she she was 5 and ended last month. 

11 years later…

 It clicked. 

Just like that…

One night Emily asked me to tuck her in…

She asked me to call the Paw Patrol pups and to make a puppy pile at the feet of her bed… (We are using her webkinz) 

She asked me to sing Soft kitty…

And to close the door!  


Just like that, it clicked!

I didn’t force her. 

I didn’t lose any sleep over it. 

I allowed her to cuddle for as long as she needed and one day…

She moved out!  I wonder what else she will just do one day!  

11 thoughts on “When it clicks

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  2. I love that you allowed her to sleep next to you until she was ready. I do the same with my monkeys and I hope they don’t stop coming to my bed for awhile yet because I truly love those snuggles

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