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The piano

I woke up this morning to the sound of notes played on the piano

Than I thought, that’s impossible, the piano is buried behind paintings and furniture…

For a second, I was scared that Emily found her way to the piano, this would mean an even messier living room.

Our living room is not always that messy!

Last Friday (9 days ago) I convinced hubby that we should upgrade our bedroom.

After 19 years, I figured we should graduate from college furniture to adult furniture.  I felt we were ready to make our bedroom our sanctuary!  I just don’t have a plan for our mix match furniture and now it’s in the living room.

Here are some before pictures!

I know, it’s just sad…

Our bedroom was never our priority.

Emily, her therapies, her school, her activities and so much more came first.  I picked laughter and travel before furniture.

As long as the mattress was comfortable, I was perfectly happy.

Than some things happened…

Earlier this spring, Emily moved back to her own bedroom. Just like that she was no longer cuddling with me!

A couple of months later, hubby moved from overnight work outside of the house to evening work from home.

In the matter of 3 months, my sleeping pattern changed drastically.

I now fall asleep and wake-up with my husband and I love it.  After 19 years together, we needed a bedroom make-over.

It’s a little cozy and we need to put something up on the walls but that’s how it looks now.

So this morning, I woke-up to the sounds of notes played on the piano.

But it wasn’t the piano.

It was Emily playing on a keyboard in her room.

I hopped in the shower and suddenly heard Emily in the washroom.

Mom, I am trying to play Mary had a little lamb. 

Me from the shower – By ear or by looking at music sheet? 

Emily – With my phone, I googled it. See!

Yes, she opened the shower curtain to show me 🙂

Next I asked if she could take a picture of that and text it to me?

And she did!

Yes, that really happened this morning.

Take that cri du chat syndrome!  We can’t limit what Emily will do.  She will not be defined by her syndrome, she is herself and she can google music sheet.



14 thoughts on “The piano

    • Thank you. I feel like I’m all grown-up now when I go to my bedroom and it’s do nice to see Emily learn new things and discover new ways. She’s so comfortable with technology. It’s great!

  1. Absolutely fabulous! (especially to the ears of this music teacher)
    And the bedroom looks great. I would hesitate to let you see our house after Allie has been here. Shall we say less than neat?

  2. Gorgeous make over- I am ever in agreement. Sometimes as parents we know just enough to be a danger to ourselves. If we let go of expectations, are kids are full of wonderful mysteries and miracles. They don’t know limits until we set them.

    Also, what is the deal with just coming in the shower? Mine does it all the time!

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