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Random act of kindness

In English Language Art class, Emily was asked to tell about a random act of kindness.

She wrote about making me coffee in the morning πŸ™‚

I thought that was good but we got a note home saying it had to be something you do for no reasons, for someone you don’t know.

That left us puzzled.

For Emily, someone she doesn’t know is not someone she interacts with.

We’ve spent years teaching her about safety and personal spaces.

That homework got difficult suddenly so we left it aside for now.

Tonight, after a fabulous birthday party, we stopped at the Shoppers Drug Mart.

As we walked in all chatty, I noticed 2 guys looking at Valentines cards. One of them was looking at us. We get looked at quite a bit, I barely ever noticed it.

Emily and I looked for treats, little snacks and Valentines.

On the way to the cash register, Emily grabbed a Lindt rose, I told her we had enough stuff already and to put the rose back.

As we were paying, I saw those 2 guys again, waiting at the cash register behind us. From up close they looked more like father and son…. Maybe.

I’m not good at guessing people’s age.

Emily and I walked out and as we were getting in our vehicle, the younger guy came out of the drugstore, walking fast towards us… Well more like towards me as Emily went around the truck to her door.

Him: “excuse-me”

Me: “yes” (thinking we dropped something)

Him: “she said she wanted a rose right?”

Me: “yes”

Him: “here” (pointing the box of Lindt rose for me)

Me (smiling): “you can give it to her”

He went around and gave it to Emily who said thank you and climbed into the truck.

Once in the truck, she blushed and had tears flowing.

“Random act of kindness” experienced first hand by Emily.

It was so sweet, and the fact that he asked me before offering the chocolates to Emily was really lovely.

I don’t know why she caught his eye when we walked in but I know she will always remember Valentine’s week, getting this gift from a stranger.


18 thoughts on “Random act of kindness

  1. What a sweet moment for you both. So special. I bet now your Emily will think of a way to do that act of kindness to another person. We all teach each other. Blessings to your and your family, I loved your story. Thanks!

  2. How wonderful, and her face says it all. There really is so much good in the world when we look for it.
    I first began to follow your blog about two years ago, Emily has blossomed since then.

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