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We live in Atlantic Canada, to be precise, we live in Moncton, New Brunswick.

So far, this winter, we’ve received 340 cm of snow or 11.3ft of the white stuff… Most of it in the last 3 weeks or so.

As Emily says, we are not outdoor people. This winter, will not change that fact.








Anyone living somewhere sunny that would like to experience this lovely winter wonderland… Let me know, I am sure we can arrange something πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Snow

  1. It’s lovely to look at, but I would love to live on an island! I was in Quebec many years ago in July and it was chilly. Spring is coming. Blessings!

  2. As much as the people here complain about this winter (including me) it has really been relatively mild. Sure it’s very cold right now but not cold compared to many places. And I fully expect that, by Easter, we’ll be seeing warmer days, perhaps even some of the bulbs growing and blooming. I would not want to deal with that amount of snow. I barely like to deal with what we have had (maybe a total of 18 inches this winter). And, as Dave Barry said one time, “The main problem with winter sports is, get this, they take place in the winter.”

    • :). I grew up skiing and I don’t mind cold weather but after Emily was born, her challenges turned us into indoor people. There are just so many safe things you can do outdoor with a child who can’t walk or a child who’s earning to walk at 4 and have poor balance. We adapted. I haven’t skied or ride a bike in years. Skating is not something we’ve managed to learn yet… Overall, we watch sports and hide indoor. So this snow can go. We’ve had enough…

    • It is a lot of snow. You should look up this video on you tube. Stormageddon 2015. It’s a guy in Dieppe(next town over) trying to find a way out of his house… It really shows the amount of snow we received Sunday. It’s a little out of control.

  3. we were hit very, very badly last winter (in michigan), with both extreme cold and snow. this winter has not been so bad, though we’re going through a very cold snap at the moment. i’m looking forward to spring. c’mon march!

  4. Just like last year it seems how the Maritimes get hit with so much more snow than we do in Quebec…but I don’t know about you Pascale, but I am finding the cold winters these past 2 years difficult.

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