Pony tail

Me: Em, come on move faster little snail, wash your face than I’ll come fix your hair.

Emily: I fixed my hair already.


16 years 3 months and some days later….

Emily was practicing on her dolls but I had no idea she transferred the knowledge and skills to her own hair.

I am once again amazed and proud. 2014 has been so far a good life skills learning year for Emily and I will do my best to update you on all of those milestones who look so small and overdue to the outside world but you and I know, they are tremendous achievements in Emily’s world!

A gift like no others

Yesterday, Emily gave me a wonderful gift.

Just a little something I have been wanting for 16 years to see.

I have been waiting for so long that I forgot I wanted it.

Which means that when I got it, I was once again left speechless at my daughter’s accomplishment.


To all the doctors and therapists that didn’t believe in my girl’s potential…

Here it is! My girl’s drawing. With music notes, lettering and even Emily’s signature in the middle of it all.

16 years in the making!