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Is today April fools?

It’s not April’s fools…. Not until tomorrow anyway!

It’s spring time…. At least that’s what the calendar says….

When I look out the window, we are right in the middle of a nasty winter!


Over the last week, Emily has had 3 snow day… Over the last 6 days of school… The kids have missed half of them.

We are having a lovely spring!!!


This is Emily on the street in front of our house.


Yesterday, we got snow, rain, ice pellet, snow, some more rain…. some wind!

Emily didn’t really noticed it. She played all day downstairs… She didn’t noticed the bad weather.

This morning, school was canceled…

We didn’t wake Emily up. Normally when she knows a storm is coming, she wakes-up super early to enjoy a day off.

She was sleeping and we decided to let her sleep.

She woke up around 10 after 8. Used the bathroom than came into the kitchen.

She saw the clock … 8:12 am and her face changed. She said. Mom, it’s 8-1-2…

I said yes it is.

She went to brush her teeth. I asked her if she was ok and she replied that nobody woke her up…

I told her that there was no school today because of the bad weather.

She looked confused but climbed back into bed and turned the tv on.

Not 5 minutes later she got up, came to see me and said: “Mom, is today April fools?”

I smiled and replied that it wasn’t today.

I looked at my daughter go back to bed than I took 2 minutes to myself to be amazed.

Amazed at the progress Emily has made over the years.

She understands calendar. She knew that March was near the end and that next would be April which would bring April fools.

She understands calendars!!!

I’m so proud of her for that.

I knew she was understanding calendars but I didn’t think it was to that degree.

Way to go baby girl!


Although when I look out the back door… I wonder if this weather is just a big bad April fools joke!!!

6 thoughts on “Is today April fools?

  1. Isn’t it amazing what she’s able to understand now? So happy for her and for you. Now, hoping that spring really will come your way.

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