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Let’s put the tree up!

Today is the day!

It’s December so let’s decorate!

My mom always waited for the first weekend of December to put the tree up when we were young. I don’t think she really enjoyed that particular task so as soon as I was responsible enough to do it, I took the job of decorating our Christmas tree over from mom.

Now, I still enjoy putting the tree up and every year, I try to get Emily involved.

This year was no exception.

She unwrapped the ornaments and put them on the tree… All in the same general area!

It made me smile. I am so happy she’s careful enough to handle the ornaments. I’m happy she wants to help.

It made me sad a little too. The concept of spreading the ornaments around the tree to be somewhat even is completely lost on her. The desire to take over the task is not there at all. To put the lights in the tree is unthinkable…

I got over it quickly.

I laughed when I dropped and broke one of the ornaments… Emily couldn’t believe I did that. I had to explain to her that it was an accident, that its broken now so all that is left to do is clean-up so we don’t cut our feet.

Here’s our living room, our tree and some close-up on my favorite ornaments.










Yes, we have a butterfly for tree top. We have, frogs, dragonfly, butterfly, crowns and birds in our tree!

I don’t do traditional! I don’t like to be like everyone else.

It’s good to be different and once you embrace it, life is wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Let’s put the tree up!

  1. isn’t it amazing what we learn from our children and how they inspire us to grow in ways we never could have imagined ?) your tree looks beautiful –

    • Thank you! Emily is a teacher! She came to this world to teach to many people and I can only hope that some will take time to listen to her, to observe her and learn from her. I, for one, have been learning. Sometimes the hard way (i now know that can survive on very little sleep) but I’ve been learning! :).

  2. Looks awesome! We put ours up last weekend, it was the only free weekend I had, so it had to be done – and it was awesome! Every year T and I go pick out a new special ornament, so my tree has Elmo, Spongebob and Scooby Doo competing with my purple and gold egg and candy cane peace ornaments! 🙂

    • I have a box of completely not matching together ornaments… Most of them dated, some of them crafted… Our tree used to be really eclectic than one year we went to a Christmas tree auction and dinner. Emily wanted the red tree but it went for way more money than we had. When the prince frog tree was up, we tried again and I believe that the people realized that Emily wanted it and that she was still sad from not getting the red tree so they all stopped bidding. It’s a yearly fundraiser for the community living group in town. A great fundraiser and now I have a pretty tree.

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