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A month later

Here we are, November 2nd.

A month ago, Emily elbowed me by accident and I assumed for a bit that the discomfort would go away.

It’s been a month and I can’t use my brain to its full potential yet.

It’s been a tough month of me realizing how much I use and need my brain.

I have good days that are normally followed by some really bad days. Headaches are now part of my life.

I am going for a head scan this week and will make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to see if my left eye was impacted by the blow.

To be a parent is an adventure, to be a parent of a child with special needs is an awesome ride with the fun and the scary parts. Emily never meant to hit me and I am thankful she doesn’t realize the stress this is causing me as I would hate for her to feel guilty about this.

This was an accident!

I will continue my rehabilitation slowly and will continue to be thankful that its not worst. It’s far from being ok but it could be way worst.

So… I’m taking a page from Emily’s book. Slowly but surely, I will
keep trying and I will conquer this concussion. Soon, I hope, this will be history.


4 thoughts on “A month later

  1. I’m so very sorry it’s taking so long to recover! I remember when she got you and it was totally an accident, but she hit you just right apparently! I hope either the scan comes back clear – or they find something that has a simple and easy fix! Good luck!

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