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Photo shoot at the orchard

I love this time of year.

Fall is beautiful, the leaves are turning all kinds of pretty red and yellow shades. 

The weather is cool, sometime border line cold.

It’s perfect weather to be cooking up a feast.

It’s the perfect time to go apple picking.

My friend Lise is a photographer. She takes amazing pictures of things and places…. I am sure there is a word for that type of picture, I just don’t know. what it is. (Remember, my mother tongue is French, there are English words I still don’t know) Currently, she’s working on adding people to her repertoire so I offered up Emily as a subject :).


We were meeting at the Belliveau Orchard right after lunch today. It was my first visit there and Emily had been once before with school.


We got there at 12:30

The apple picking season is short so this was a busy place today with a 22 Celsius weather.


It took us a good half hour to make it through the gate. We stood in line and watch the kids play on the hay bales.


Emily didn’t ask to go play with them. Too many kids and a whole lot of opportunities to get hurt. It’s amazing how I now see this… I guess that’s a perk of being a parent of a child with mobility challenges.

They have a corn maze there too but that didn’t attract us so off we went to pick some apple.


Emily was listening to Lise quite well.


This was our way in the orchard.


My beautiful daughter played the role of model really well for Lise.

I got to take some pictures too.



We even managed to convince Emily to lay down in the orchard. Now considering her lack of desire to even walk bare feet on grass… to have her accept to do this was quite an accomplishment.


After all that hard work, it was time to test the quality of our apples.



20lbs of yummy Cortland apples for me to make apple sauce and apple crumble.

My house will smell delicious shortly!

I love autumn! It’s my favorite season!

What’s your favorite season?

7 thoughts on “Photo shoot at the orchard

  1. I LOVE that you’re so supportive of your courageous daughter! Thank you for sharing this, and thanks for visiting our blog party! I can’t wait to read more from you!

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  3. emily is so beautiful and what an amazing setting. sometimes having kids with challenges do things for other reasons, i.e. – laying in the grass for the photo shoot, enables them to set aside what normally scares them about the situation and they end up enjoying it. looks like it was a great day and now you have the fruits of your labor to enjoy )

    • Thank you! Emily is an amazing kid. She constantly faces her fears and pushes through struggles. When looking at her, I realize how we easily complain about everything while she’s just continuing to work at it. She’s a great example for those who take time to get to know her.

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