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Freshly Impressed #6

My post on segregation and lunch tables was shared by a fellow blogger. Take a minute and go see the other posts she liked this past week and read some of her stuff too!

My thoughts on a page.

It’s that time again.
Time to give a shout out,Freshly Impressed
to all those posts,
which “Freshly Impressed” me.

For those of you who do not follow my blog,
this is my way of highlighting other blogs,
which you may not have read before.
A way of sharing posts I have enjoyed,
without having to give out an Award,
which makes for a lot of work.

First on my list is a wow.
It is a post written on September 10th,
the night before September 11th.
Mocha is an ex soldier,
and his post is called,
“The boys from September 10th”
It is a really haunting short post,
on his blog “live until”.
Well worth checking out.

It begins,
I was a Marine asleep in 29 palms, California while my city, my home, was under attack. A boy, a Marine sleeping, while people were dying.

Next on my list is a…

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