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Amazing surprises come in all kind of packages

Tonight, we attended our first Wildcats game of the season.

We love hockey … Well, I love hockey. Jon likes to spend time with Emily and I, as for Emily, she likes to see old friends and she kind of enjoy the overall ambiance… Until it gets too loud!

We’ve been going to games for 5 or 6 years. We’ve had season tickets some years and attended what we could on other years…

Tonight, Emily had a surprise.

Her friend Tobie wrote and illustrated a story for her.

We’ve known Tobie for as long as we’ve been here I think. I believe we met through Special Olympics than her love of hockey got us closer. Her volunteering with Emily’s baseball team keeps us on touch during the summer.

She’s a really nice person! We really enjoy her and here are pictures of her gift to Emily.





The story is about Emily, her dreams and how she makes 50 millions selling doll clothes.

I read the story to Emily and she was really touched. She became quite emotional while listening to this beautiful story about herself.

I don’t think Tobie has ever received so many hugs from Emily before.

Thank you Tobie for being a friend to Emily.

Thank you for your amazing gift.

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