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Why I refuse to pay lots of $$ for glasses

I really enjoy how Facebook status update sometimes remind me of situations that happened years ago.

Yesterday, someone asked if our child with cri du chat syndrome flap their hands/arms.


Most parents who have answered so far say yes.

I said yes!

Emily flapped out of excitement but also sometimes had some uncontrolled arm movements.

I wear glasses…

I stopped counting long time ago how many times my glasses went flying across the room.

She never meant to do it, it just happened.

When a $800 or more pair of prescription glasses go flying off your face, 2 things happen.

1st Your nose hurt.
2nd You are hoping the glasses are not scratched too bad.

At some point, I discovered I could order online prescription glasses.

And this is my collection now.

I did my homework before ordering.

I got a detailed prescription and measured everything I could.

I order from : http://www.zennioptical.com

I have never been disappointed.

Here is the life lesson for today.

When your child wants to destroy your glasses, you can
a) Avoid your kid
B) You can find a place where you can order 5 pair of glasses for $100. 🙂

Thank you Emily for my glasses!

6 thoughts on “Why I refuse to pay lots of $$ for glasses

  1. Marvelous way to look at the situation. Allie also used to grab my glasses. I spent a lot of time in the optometrists office having them adjusted to fit my face again. Fortunately never broke a pair. I’ll book mark the we site for Nick and Angie since both Nate and Allie wear glasses. Allie got hers a month or so ago and one of the two pairs is already broken.

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