Pillow fight

After we got our bedroom set, we realized we needed some cushions 

So I bought cushions…

Without really considering how to set them up on the bed.    
So for a couple of weeks now, I make the bed and add the cushions.   

By the time I get home, the cushions have moved. 

 Apparently I have no idea what to do with cushions. 

At first I thought hubby was doing this but he said it wasn’t him and Emily confirmed that it was her. 

She is changing them around as soon as she has a chance. 


What do you see?

Emily and I have been working on a painting together… 

I tried to take many pictures in between each switch!!!  They are in my new camera and I don’t know yet how to take them out of the camera. 


I don’t think our styles are working together but still….

And we haven’t quite figured out which way is up yet. 

It reminds me of a plate Jon and I painted on our honeymoon…

Our styles don’t match either 🙂

That plate stays safely hidden in the cupboard… 

After finishing our piece today, Emily wanted to paint some more and I love what she did. 

I see a pink sand beach!

This one makes me smile!  I love the colors!!!

What do you think?