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A different kind of post

When I look at Emily, I know she’s not a typical 15 year old.

I am blessed with an easy going teenager, who I have no idea what kind of young adult she will be.  Will she live with us forever?  Will she want to move out to a group home one day or be able to have her own place?

I don’t know.

I have no idea what the future will bring us and I am ok with that as long as I am in her future…

Since Emily was a baby, we gave her the best cares, food, hobbies, therapies and so on.  We look for the best middle school than high school for next year…

Our focus for the last 15 years has been Emily…  Her health and wellness.

At some point, we forgot to do the same for us, we forgot to think about our health and wellness.



This isn’t my regular kind of post.



I am sore, my neck and lower back are in some discomfort. I had a massage which I am sure will make it better in a couple of days but not so much yet…

This “episode” of more pain than my usual is making me think…

I will be 39 soon which according to my dad means I’ll be 40 the next day. 🙂 That’s my dad!!!

I am still over weight… I’ve lost 20 lbs or so last year and maintained it but still have 50lbs to go….

This time, I need to not only continue to lose the weight but learn to exercise and stop eating junk food.

I am getting older, there is no way for me to avoid it but there are ways to get older and be healthy.

Well, tomorrow is the beginning of a new era. We (hubby and I) will weight ourselves, measure our legs, hips, waist, chest and arms and start taking care of our bodies and minds.

Drink more water
No more take-out
Take some supplements
Drink our Body-by-vi shakes twice a day
Minimum 30 min of exercises per day
1 massage per month (minimum)

30 days at the time!

Our why?

To be with Emily for  a long time.  To be able to play with Emily, dance, swim, walk around and travel the world!

To not be in constant pain!

Would you be interested to know how it’s going, let’s say once a week?  Or should I stick to stories about Emily?


7 thoughts on “A different kind of post

  1. I like to hear about everything. I’m also way overweight and always have been. My son is 8yrs old and I am 52yrs… His father is six years older than I am, so for us it’s critical that something be done. Nice pic!

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