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A little bragging…


Can you read the picture above?

I took it during the new families orientation.

Kent informed me that he had added my blog info to his presentation and asked if I would say a few words.

Of course I said yes, although everything inside me was screaming to say no….

Public speaking you know…. And if you don’t know, just go back to my post from May 25th.

Anyhow, if Emily can speak in front of her class, I can speak in a crowd.

Kent introduced my blog, I talked a little than later on during the same meeting talked a little more….


I’m getting good at this public speaking thing!!!

Thank you Kent for believing in my blog enough to promote it, it meant the world to me and Emily was really proud to know that I spoke about the blog while she was away… Watching a movie and relaxing… Hiding from everything that was so overwhelming to her at the time!

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