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Belly laugh

Let’s continue on my earlier thought about the best sound in the world!

Emily’s belly laugh!

Sometimes at night, when Emily is half asleep, I crawl into bed next to her, put my arm around her and slowly tickle that tiny spot near her belly button 🙂 That one secretly ticklish spot that will make her burst out laughing!

I know I am not supposed to do that!

I am the adult after all and it’s past her bedtime….

I should help her fall asleep not make her laugh 🙂 but I can’t help myself… her laughter is contagious. Within seconds we are both laughing and if hubby is around, he will most likely follow the laughters and join in on the fun.



The thing with us and laughter has most likely to do with the fact that Emily cried non-stop for the first couple of years of her life…

When you spend day and night worrying for your child, watching her cry and vomit… watching her NOT sleep… you slowly get there too.

Where is there you ask???

There is that place where my worries for her slowly turned into worries for myself…. for us!!!

How are we gonna make it through this? When will we sleep again? When will I eat a meal that hasn’t been re-heated multiple times?

Pumping milk, whenever I could. Eating cold food as I gave up on warming it up. Wishing I could be at work and not at home… the guilt of wishing I was at work!!!

A vicious circle!

I remember the day that hubby came home to find me crying, sitting on the kitchen floor… I had pick that spot as I believed that was the farthest away from Emily’s crib… She was in her crib, she was safe and I was exhausted, I couldn’t take it any longer but I couldn’t be far just in case her cry changed… In case she needed me….



When Emily was little any sign of a smile was a reason to celebrate.

Laughter was a delight.

Laughter was sanity in our completely insane world!



So the most amazing sound in the world is… Emily’s belly laugh!!!

What’s yours?

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