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The best sound in the world

The best sound in the world has to be different for each person…

When we were told that Emily would not talk….never talk! I thought I would never have a chance to hear my little girl call me “maman” and that I would miss the most amazing thing….. Than I thought she would never say “I love you” and once again, I was heartbroken.

Many years later, Emily can talk. She can say maman and I love you and give kisses and hugs but the most amazing sound is not one of those words….

The one thing that will make me smile, the one thing that will completely dissipate my grumpyness (it’s not a word but I’m sure you understand what I mean). The one sound!!!

Emily’s belly laugh!

Not a forced laughter, not a tired laughter. A genuine belly laugh. The kind of laugh that will make me join her in which ever room she’s in just to look at her laugh and join in on the fun!

When I feel down, that’s where my memory take me…. Emily’s belly laugh… The most amazing sound in the whole world!

What makes you instantly happy?


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