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Mom, mommy, maman, mother

From time to time I forget! I forget that Emily is different. She’s doing so well on so many levels that I forget…. I forget she’s struggling with so many things still. It doesn’t last long but during those small moments I have less patience and I expect her to behave differently to achieve something, anything….

On some occasions, I will even ignore what she’s telling me because its the 10th time she’s said it and I’m trying to concentrate on something else….

Before I realize that I’m doing this, Emily already knows I’m ignoring her…. She’s perceptive that way!!! 🙂

That’s when she’s developed this new way of getting my attention and it works every single time.

Mom….. Mom….. Mommy….. Mommy….. Maman!…… Maman!!!…..

By the time she gets to maman (French for mom), I am paying attention because I know the exasperated use of “MOTHER!” is coming next…. And I am myself again, smiling and paying attention to my daughter.

The same daughter who wasn’t supposed to talk. That little girl who struggled through so much and who is still struggling. My daughter.

Years ago, I had to come to terms with the fact that she would never call me maman. All the doctors agreed on that!!!

Now, I’m looking at her, remembering that conversation and whatever I needed to do so badly is not that important, my daughter wants to talk to me about her imaginary boyfriend who has a sore throat…. She wants to TALK to me so I should listen and participate as talking to my daughter is a gift beyond anything any doctors believed she would achieved…

Sometimes, I forget to recognize the little gifts I receive on a daily basis… Do you recognize yours?


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