The one time I kinda wished my daughter was a “boy”

I’ve had a blood work form for Emily attached on the fridge since December.

It’s not hard to go and get this done but its that kinda thing where I just kept postponing… Not because its hard, it’s just… I don’t know!!!

So this morning, Jon and I took Emily for her blood work.

The nurse was lovely. She made the whole blood work thing look so easy… She made all the other nurses in our past look bad! She made me believe this blood work thing could always be easy.

Than came the urine sample tiny container…

And that’s when it happened!

That’s the moment where I, for just one second, wished Emily was a boy…

Aim, fill the container, done! 🙂

Per respect for Emily and for myself… I am not giving you more details but all of you ladies out there know… You know it’s hard to aim on our own… Now imagine helping someone.