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The one time I kinda wished my daughter was a “boy”

I’ve had a blood work form for Emily attached on the fridge since December.

It’s not hard to go and get this done but its that kinda thing where I just kept postponing… Not because its hard, it’s just… I don’t know!!!

So this morning, Jon and I took Emily for her blood work.

The nurse was lovely. She made the whole blood work thing look so easy… She made all the other nurses in our past look bad! She made me believe this blood work thing could always be easy.

Than came the urine sample tiny container…

And that’s when it happened!

That’s the moment where I, for just one second, wished Emily was a boy…

Aim, fill the container, done! πŸ™‚

Per respect for Emily and for myself… I am not giving you more details but all of you ladies out there know… You know it’s hard to aim on our own… Now imagine helping someone.



18 thoughts on “The one time I kinda wished my daughter was a “boy”

  1. Mine is a little weird because it’s my son who I have hard time collecting urine sample. I don’t know with him but he finds it gross to keep a urine, so what I do is use a small pail and will ask him to pee on it which of course is against his will.

  2. Lol…I came to you today to say I have had a note on doing the sweet award post for eons and I’m challenged, every time I try to add someone to my list, poof the rest disappear and it’s driving me batty! But want you to know I haven’t forgotten and one of these days I will post it! Promise!

  3. I feel you. There was this time I need to collect her urine and stool sample and bring it to the clinic. The stool sample, I was able to collect, but the urine was really like zzzZZZzzzz.. the stool sample will expire if I’m going to wait more. So end up, I brought the stool sample then went back home. I was able to collect the urine the next day. Arrghhh

  4. Oh do I hear you and enjoyed this post!! I have a son and a daughter and it’s my daughter that has been “blessed” with continuous cystitis since she was a toddler ( Love that ending with the glass of wine…it made me smile. Blessings, Oliana

  5. I could never, ever get my daughter to pee into one of those, she would refuse to even try. When she was five, she got a urine infection and they needed a sample. I resorted to jumping on her unexpectedly, in mid flow, jug in hand! Poor kid got the shock of her life and I do believe there was a glass of vino in sight for me at the end of that particular day too πŸ™‚ xx

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