Loose tooth

What did you do when you had a loose tooth?

What did your kids do?

My girl? My sweet girly girl?

She yanked them out! Literally!

I remember her showing us a loose tooth, it was barely moving…

She went to bed that night and I had forgotten about the not really loose tooth…

Not my girl.

Not my sweet girly girl with her long hair and pretty dresses.

I remember hearing her in the bathroom.

I remember asking her what was going on.

I remember her coming to the living room…

Me looking up and seeing her covered in blood holding her tooth in her hand. So proud of herself!

She doesn’t feel pain like you and I.

How I wish I could switch body with her for a day… I would love to know what’s happening in her head, what she feels when she’s hurt.

I’m just glad she’s done losing(yanking out) teeth.