A to Z Challenge – Day 23 – W


White…. As in white shoes!

When you have fine motor skill issues, something as simple as tying your shoes becomes problematic.

Add some global developmental delays (physical and mental) and tying shoes can be a huge challenge.

This is Emily’s reality!

Tying shoes is not a milestone she’s achieved yet and to be honest, it is not a milestone we are working towards either because we have found awesome shoes without shoe laces.

Emily has boots, flip flops (sandals), cute flat shoes and SKECHERS!!!

We love Skechers!  We love them so much and they are not paying me to say this, I doubt they even know we exist 😳

Skechers have opened-up a world of possibilities for Emily and given her her independence.

There shoes are stylish and comfortable and between Em and I, we have many pairs.

We picked those up in New York City!


When her cheer club said she needed completely white shoes to compete, we confirmed that the shoe laces weren’t mandatory and went shopping online.

We found the perfect white shoes from Skechers and decided to look for them locally so Em could try them.

There isn’t a Skechers store here 😒 which is probably a good thing for our budget $$$.

The store who sells them didn’t have Emily’s size in stock, we had her try the same shoe in a different color, agreed that size 9 is still valid and we ordered the white ones to be delivered at home.

The shoes arrived timely and unfortunately dirty 😒

We went back to the store, showed them the shoes, agreed that this was unacceptable, returned the shoes and ordered and new pair. We even got a discount for the trouble.

This is where it gets funny!

I returned the shoes on either a Thursday or Friday. The new pair was delivered on Monday and it came from our local store…

Did you guess what happened yet?

We received the dirty shoes that we had returned!

My understanding of what happened is that they were not removed from inventory and when the warehouse got the order, it looks at the stores closer to us, saw a pair in inventory sent the request, someone at the store got the request and sent us the dirty shoes back.

Seriously, the exact same pair was shipped to us a second time.

The store manager was mortified.

I returned the shoes, again.

The store ordered 2 pairs from another store and called me as soon as they arrived. Emily tried them on, we picked the whitest of the 2 pair and finally had competition shoes!

4 trips to the mall… I should have ordered them online 😜

A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #709


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To lose a shoe!

If you were to lose a shoe… Where would you prefer it to be?

Last May, when we traveled to Orlando for Emily’s Dream granted by the Sunshine Foundation of Canada, she lost a shoe!

If you are new to my blog, you can read about How we told Emily about her dream coming true and The day of the dream in my previous posts. 

Back to her shoe!

In my house, we love shoes… We have lots of them and keep buying them. 

Emily and I can share her shoes as her feet are slightly longer than mine. She can’t borrow my heals but I can borrow her flats. 

Life is good. 

On May 6th, we visited Universal Studios with our only objective to visit Harry Potter world. 

We prepared for our visit by having a Harry Potter movie marathon in February.

 We bought snacks… Lots of snacks!

And watched all the Harry Potter movies.  We started Friday night and were done by bed time on Sunday. 

What a waste of a weekend… Right? 

We live in Atlantic Canada, this was my driveway the weekend of our movie marathon.  Can you see my red car? 

That’s how I justify our movie marathon. 

Fast forward to May 6th. It’s a hot day for us winter people but that won’t stop us. 

Emily and Jonathan are trying all the roller coasters they can find and I’m taking pictures. 

The day was perfect. 

Emily was laughing


We bought her a wand and a robe. 

We bought her almost everything she asked for. It was after all her dream vacation!

On their second time on the dragon roller coaster, Emily came out looking like this!

She lost a shoe and the guy at the end of the ride told them that we would never see it again! 

When we asked where we could buy shoes or sandals, we were told that maybe at the store by the park entrance…

Here’s a map for you in case you’ve never been there. Emily lost her shoe in the top right corner of the map and the store was in the bottom left corner…

She walked the whole way back asking me to give her my shoes so she would be more comfortable. 

I said no

I don’t say no to Emily really often but in that instance, I said no repeatedly…

To every single person we passed, she said: “I lost a shoe”

Than looked at me and said: “mom, I lost a shoe, can I have your shoes?”

To which I said no. Again and again and again.

The walk probably took us 20-30 minutes… Maybe even longer. 

I bought flip flops (sandals) and Emily got my shoes, finally. 

We had to remind her before each roller coasters to not play with her shoes. 

Emily loves to tell the story!  It’s like an achievement. 

So, let me ask you, if you were to lose a shoe… Where would you prefer it to be?