A to Z Challenge – Day 13 – M



I think my girl just realized that 26 stories in 30 days is a lot of work so she’s sitting on the couch watching Sam and Cat on Netflix while playing on her Nintendo DS.

She picked Music for the letter M so I will tell you about the only concert we’ve attended.

On July 1st, last year, Emily and I attended the R5 concert!

R5 is a band made up of 4 siblings and 1 friend.  Of the siblings, Ross, the lead singer is really well known to the little ones as Austin Moon in Austin and Ally  on the Disney Channel.  The oldest sibling and base player is Riker Lynch which Emily discovered on Dancing With The Stars.

Riker is Emily’s favorite!

To make this concert even better, I bought Emily the meet and greet pass!


It was more like get behind the curtain, get your picture taken and move on than a meet and greet but my girl was happy so I am happy!

Just before entering the room for the picture, Emily told the lady that Riker was her favorite so they had her stand between Riker and Ross!!!

See that look on my girl’s face?


I believe the photographer captured the moment when Emily decided to go for it!

As soon as the picture was taken, Emily turned to her right, told Riker she loved him and hugged him with everything she had!

My girl!!!

Riker said he loved her too and hugged her back!

I am so proud of my girl for seeing an opportunity and going for it!

How I wished I had a chance to squeeze Donnie Walhberg that way when I was her age

We had awesome seats in the VIP section!


It was a “rock” concert.  It was really loud ans the light show was impressive!

Look at my girl!


This is my girl with sensory issues!


She stayed for the whole show, on her feet, singing and dancing till the end.

I explained to her about the “encore”

Than as soon as the lights were on, she said: “Let’s get out of here!”

On the way home, she was super excited about the experience and about hugging Riker.  When I asked her if she wanted to do this again, she said no!

Have a look at my girl enjoying the R5 concert : Here

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