My girl the artist

It started a long time ago…. Emily was 3 years old and we bought her crayons, markers, paint, play doh, construction papers and so much more.

My mom was a kindergarten teacher so it was just normal for me to have Emily try all kind of stuff.

Never mind her diagnosis… Her syndrome wasn’t going to define her. She was and still is Emily, she has cri du chat syndrome but she is not her syndrome.










The flower painting is now in Ohio, the heart one was made for a special friend who had a rough day at school and ended-up at the hospital. That was Emily’s way to say I’m thinking about you :). She’s offered another one to a friend on her birthday…

The other day she told me we needed to find a museum for her art 🙂

For now, I am just going to keep finding room in our house and encourage her to keep trying different ways of painting.

Once she’s ready, I have seen some really nice painting exercises book… I will get her one and help her try new things.

Who knows, maybe one day she will sell her art or expose it!

In my eyes, she’s that talented but I’m biased.


New York City – Day 5

Day 5, we woke up at 8am.

By 8:30am we had decided to walk from our hotel to the Museum of Natural History, thinking we would find a place to eat on the way there!

We passed Sarabeth’s and although I wanted to go in, we had decided to try a new place…

We should have stopped…

We sooooo should have stopped…

The only buildings between our hotel and the museum were apartments buildings.

The Dakota being one of those buildings


What’s with that building you ask? Really?  Even, I, as a French Canadian, knows about this building!  Go ahead, Google it!

We finally arrived at the museum almost an hour after leaving the hotel, sweaty and hungry, just to be told that the museum opened at 10 am and finding on-line that the food outlets within the museums will open at 11am.

Hot-Dog cart it is for breakfast!


We took the full package for the museum, planetarium, Imax, Frog show, food exhibit and more!

Emily normally ask for art museum, I was expecting to go to MOMA or The Met, maybe even the Guggenheim…. but not this time!  This time we went to the Museum of Natural History.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448  IMG_3478 IMG_3451

IMG_3458IMG_3466 IMG_3467

Once in, it’s too dark, Emily gets nervous but we managed to keep her interested.

We went to the planetarium, the movie was beautiful and really loud.  Watching a movie on the ceiling was a new experience for both Emily and I.

Emily pulled through and at the end, when it was time to get up and go, Emily just hit her mouth on the chair in front of her.  She didn’t like that at all although it was funny….  for me anyway!

I know, I am a bad mommy!

The air conditioning is so high in the museum that we are freezing.  This isn’t good!

It’s like the world doesn’t know that the A/C doesn’t have to be full on all the time!  I know it’s hot outside but that’s no reason to be this cold inside.

In the room with the whale, Emily started explaining to us the things she learned in 4th grade with Mr. Bauer.  She related to her elementary class in order to manage the stress she was feeling, she found a way to cope!  Way to go Emily!

We stayed at the museum until 4pm at which time, Emily could no longer stay there and wanted out of there.

We were so cold that Jon and I were fine with getting outside for a it.

On the way back, we walked through Central Park to Strawberry field


The atmosphere there was special, I felt something different!

Back at the hotel, I continued my research into where we should eat Dim Sum in NYC.  We settled on DimSum GoGo in Chinatown.

We had an amazing dinner!

IMG_3487 IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3495 IMG_3498

After dinner, we walked back towards the hotel for a little bit before grabbing a cab!

Back at the hotel, Emily watched “Full house” for a bit and suddenly asked me if we have ancestors…

I guess she pays attention to the commercials too and this commercial was on a lot.

So, as Emily and I discussed ancestors, I noticed her getting a stuffy nose which prompted me to send Jon to get some cold medication.

It’s a good thing we did… as the next morning, Emily had a head cold, thanks to the air conditioning at the museum!!!

Tomorrow, day 6 we will spend half a day in the city and than move to Long Island for the 5p- society conference.

Believe it or not, we still have a couple of things to do so we will need an early start and a late check-out!  🙂