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My girl the artist

It started a long time ago…. Emily was 3 years old and we bought her crayons, markers, paint, play doh, construction papers and so much more.

My mom was a kindergarten teacher so it was just normal for me to have Emily try all kind of stuff.

Never mind her diagnosis… Her syndrome wasn’t going to define her. She was and still is Emily, she has cri du chat syndrome but she is not her syndrome.










The flower painting is now in Ohio, the heart one was made for a special friend who had a rough day at school and ended-up at the hospital. That was Emily’s way to say I’m thinking about you :). She’s offered another one to a friend on her birthday…

The other day she told me we needed to find a museum for her art πŸ™‚

For now, I am just going to keep finding room in our house and encourage her to keep trying different ways of painting.

Once she’s ready, I have seen some really nice painting exercises book… I will get her one and help her try new things.

Who knows, maybe one day she will sell her art or expose it!

In my eyes, she’s that talented but I’m biased.


10 thoughts on “My girl the artist

  1. I love that she has a passion about expressing this creative side. Have you considered getting her lessons? I know several of our retired art teachers give private lessons.

      • Maybe if you could get the teacher to come to your house first as a visitor. You could introduce them as a “new friend” of yours and then in the normal course of a visit it might be easy to get Emily to “show off” her art and the teacher could then admire it and offer some “hints” or ideas. After 35+ years of teaching and working with all kinds of kids, I know that sometimes it may take a little sideways action to accomplish what we want from kids. Especially if you could get someone who’s trained in art therapy and used to working with special needs people. Just make sure they have the background and understanding first. There was an article in our local paper a few months ago about an art therapist in Columbus, Ohio who works with special needs people of all ages and encourages them to try all different kinds of art. He takes them on field trips to museums, parks, art galleries and they are inspired to try new things. Just a few thoughts.

  2. You are right . Emily IS very talented . These paintings are beautiful ! Beautiful use of colours and interesting lines . Very very cool!

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