Happy Monday

I don’t understand why so many people “hate” Mondays. 

First, I try to not use the word hate, as I feel the meaning of it is more powerful than any dislikes I might have.   I am sure that I am capable of hate, but I hope to never feel it. 

Second, if we didn’t have Mondays, whatever day would follow the weekend would be getting all the harsh comments so this is a lose-lose situation. 

I don’t mind Mondays, actually, today, I loved it. 

1st. I woke up to the sun lighting my room and the birds singing nearby my house 

2nd. Emily and I had pancakes for breakfast. When I make pancakes on the weekend, I make too many that way we can have leftover pancakes on Mondays.  


3rd. I love my job!  Going to work was a break from the chaos when Emily was a baby.  It keeps me sane and balance, I love getting lost in my work knowing my family is ok. 

As a child, I saw my mom love her job. She was a kindergarten teacher and she LOVED it. She studied at night to better herself and spent some of her own money to better her class. She was a single mom with 3 kids… I never heard her complain. 

4th. I love my life!

I take after my mom, she loves life and taught us to appreciate what we had. We were far from being financially rich but we were rich with love. We were rich in essentials. We had a really nice house, we had food, clothes and everything we needed. Not all we wanted… All we needed. As kids,  we sometimes felt cheated of things our friends were getting but as an adult now, I can’t believe how lucky I was and still am to have my mom. 

5th. Hubby is now working day/evening instead of overnight. He is working from home so Emily as a safe place to be during summer vacations. After 3 years or so on overnight, it’s nice to have him home and to be off together on the weekend. It was nice to wake-up next to him on Monday morning when the house is quiet as opposed to waking-up to the dogs barking when he was getting home.

6th. Over the last week, hubby and I crossed stuff off our to-do list. Still lots to do but this not sleeping all day (for him) on weekends is awesome!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  He even started our small vegetable gardens. This is all really exciting. 

So, today was awesome and tomorrow will be awesome too because I will make it!   I (and you too) have the wonderful power of being happy. Mom always reminded us of situations worst than ours and to this day, I can find my happy place anywhere. 


On a side note, my new notebook (journal) above will help me document my blog…  

I am more a journal person than a computer person.  

After 2 years of blogging away without a plan, I have realize that I’ve lost track of the stories I told you. 😦

I will take time to document the posts I have written, I will make copies and store them somewhere safe and I will list all the stories I still have to tell you.  

That way, I can cross them off as I write. 

And because I can’t go to Chapters and only buy 1 thing… (My new journal) 

I got a notepad to help me make a plan, 1week at the time. 

And a book about decluttering…. hopefully this will give me good ideas on how to organize us a bit more 🙂  And a book full of really interesting recipes.  

I can’t wait to try some. 

How was your Monday?