My Cinderella

Since Mac opened at our mall, every time we walk by I ask Emily if she wants a make-up makeover. 

Every time, she says no. 

Today wasn’t different. 

I showed her the new Cinderella products and she still said no.

We walked around the mall and I stopped to look at the Cinderella lipsticks on the way back. 

The mall was fairly quiet and the girls at Mac weren’t busy with other clients so I engaged them in Cinderella discussion. Confirming that the items were brand new, only released for sale today and not quite sold-out yet. 

Emily liked the colors but didn’t want to try until one of the girls started talking to her directly. 

I love it when sales people understand that I’m there for Emily and that she might need help coming out of her shell. 

Once they started talking to her, we had Emily try the lipstick than I asked for a neutral foundation for her eyelids. 

They recommended a product and asked Emily if she would let them show her how it worked 🙂

Bingo!  They had her in the chair. 

Didn’t we all play make-over when we were kids?  I just wanted Emily to experience it too and today, I saw Emily talk make-up with the girls. I quite frankly wasn’t sure I would ever see this because most people won’t take the time required to win Emily over. 

Today, they won her over and made me spend some hard earned money

We all won!

They applied the Pro Longwear Paint pot cream on her eyelids and blended it in. Suddenly Emily right eye wasn’t red anymore. Emily liked it so I pushed my luck and ask if she wanted to try the Cinderella eye shadow!

She tried it!  She picked the sparkly one!

At that point I figured it was time to show her the shimmering powder!

Ok, I know, I’m a kid….  But I loved this. 

I loved being in a awesome make-up store with my teenage girl.  I loved seeing her eyes sparkle as she saw the difference good subtle make-up does. 

I want my girl to have good skin routine and nice make-up. She deserves it. 

So I bought her some nice things today!

I even bought the second lipstick just because I liked it 🙂

Don’t we all deserve to feel like Cinderella, the most beautiful girl at the bal?

Las Vegas – May 2009

Who takes their kid to Vegas?

We did!

Spring 2009, Jon was recognized as part of the top sellers for his work and that gave him a trip for 2 to Las Vegas. 

We never left Emily behind and weren’t going to do it this time either…

We arranged to pay for her to be on our flight and convinced my dad and his lovely wife to come to Vegas with us!  That was Emily could stay with them while Jon and I went to his recognition gala.  We were (still aren’t) not comfortable leaving her with a hotel sitter. 

We knew Emily was a good traveler and we knew we didn’t have the money to gamble for a week so having her with us was going to keep us on the tourist track and not allow us to be on the gambling track more than we could afford. 

We stayed here at first 🙂

Visited Egypt 🙂

Emily didn’t like the echo in Egypt hence the ends on the ears.  We saw that a lot in Vegas but she managed without a full blown meltdown.

We saw SpongeBob!

Took advantage of my dad and Marie being with us and had a family picture taken. 

Emily ordered a dessert that could feed our whole table but ate as much as she could before giving up and agreeing to share. 

We sat on funny stools. 

We looked at New York and it’s roller coaster before Emily, Jon, my dad and Marie went on that roller coaster!!! 

I stayed on the ground…. To take pictures… Of course!

We saw Paris!

And we saw the outdoor indoor!

Beautiful buildings and lights. 

Beautiful umbrellas


Freemont street

The yummiest looking chocolate fountain!

We took small breaks!

Made friends with a playful dolphin

Saw white tigers that look like gorgeous stuffed toys.

Moved to The Mirage hotel with Volcano view. This scared Emily so much at first but she slowly understood that it was fake and safe and kind of pretty!

We found our way to Circus Circus where Emily and Jon tried all the rides!

She loved them all!

We walked a lot, saw outdoor escalators, ate like kings, went up the Eiffel Tower and walked some more. 

Emily had a muffin the size of her head for breakfast one day. 

We didn’t catch a show, we wanted to but weren’t sure Emily would be able to manage the sensory overload she would probably be feeling so instead of a show we had a fabulous sushi dinner one night with great sake to drink. 

By the end of the trip, we were exhausted, our feet were sore but we saw a side of Vegas that most gamblers might never see. 

We saw Vegas through our daughter’s eyes and it was fun.

And warm….

Bye Bye Vegas. Hope to see you again one day and hopefully, we will cath a show or two!