One more anniversary

Today is my 17th anniversary…

17 years ago, I started working for the company I was dreaming of working for.

It’s a cliché I know but in my case its true!

I studied hotel management and had my eyes on a specific company, one year after graduating, I was applying at one of their new hotel.

Plenty of interviews later, I was in!

17 years today 🙂

How many people these days can say that?

In my first few months, I met my now husband!

I also met my sister-in-spirit and Emily’s godmother!

Within a couple of years we owned a house, had Emily and were married.

Jon and I made the decision to concentrate on my career as he always said he would find work anywhere.

I learned a lot and moved my family 3 times over the last 17 years.

Jon did what he said he would do!

He took care of us, got us settled in, found services for Emily and once we were all good, found work!

How funny is it that the company I was day dreaming about in college has not only giving me a great career, it has allowed me to meet my husband, start a family and traveled a little.

Here is to the next 17 years….