Autumn Bucket List – Week 3 Update

Earlier this month, I sat down and wrote my first ever bucket list.

You can find my post here: ย Autumn Bucket List

The last 2 items on my list are:

39. Document my bucket list with pictures
40. Blog about my progress weekly


This is my third updateโ€ฆ what could we have possibly done over the last week?

#6 – Schedule fall family pictures with Lise. We didn’t just schedule them… We went today. It was freezing but I think we had some good shots. Can’t wait to see them!

#17 – Go on a fall foliage drive to Fundy with Jon and Em.

IMG_4276 IMG_4301 IMG_4346 IMG_4359 IMG_4380 IMG_4408 IMG_4413 IMG_4437 IMG_4446 IMG_4469
#18 – make puzzles with Jon and Em.

We started a 1,000 pieces puzzle during week 2 and finished it this week…

#31 – Dehydrate apple slices

#34 – Change my hair color.

I dit it!

Here’s before

And after. Straight and curly…ย 

ย #37 – Try a new fall soup recipe. ย Brocoli and cheese soup! ย So yummy!

ย Here’s the link to the recipe

#38 – Bake an apple pie.

It’s official, my family prefers crumbles as opposed to pie… So I made another crumble this week.

Here’s the recipeย  ย It’s my favorite recipe so far.

Here you have it! Week 3!

What about you? Do you have a bucket list?

If so, is it seasonal, yearly or lifelong?

If you’ve written about it in your blog, please share it in the comments below. I would love to read it!

ย This picture is from my iPhone. Look at those colors and that nasty sky….