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Autumn Bucket List – Week 2 Update

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and wrote my first ever bucket list.

You can find my post here: Autumn Bucket list

The last 2 items on my list are:

39. Document my bucket list with pictures

40. Blog about my progress weekly

This is my second update…  what could we have possibly done over the last week?


#1 – Get Emily ready for Halloween.

I am not showing you yet 🙂 but it involves a wig, bow and arrows and an awesome dress!

#4 – Go apple picking.

Around here, it looks like everybody go apple picking at the same place which makes for a very busy outing with too many people… So, we went the other way and found a nice quiet orchard…

La Fleur du pommier

IMG_4210 IMG_4205 IMG_4196 IMG_4214

What’s with the hat you ask?  Emily wanted to wear it last week when we went pumpkin picking and we convinced her not to.  This week, we just couldn’t convince her not to so she wore it…

We picked and bought many apples.  Once home, I made a nice apple and blueberry crumble.

#15 – Catch a Wildcats game

IMG_8505 IMG_8506

Now that Jonathan works during the day (Yeah for no more overnight shifts), we will probably do this more often.  We used to be season tickets owners… I suspect we might be again in the future.

#18 – Make puzzles with Jon and Emily.

We started a 1,000 pieces puzzle… not done yet but I suspect that Emily will come and save the day towards the end of it!

#20 – Help with the United Way campaign at work.

I work with amazing colleagues and every chance we have, we help with fundraisers.  We can bake as a group to bring goodies to a bake sale or put a “gift basket” into our United Way silent auction.  For the 3rd year, we’ve also issued a challenge to other teams at work increasing the amount of gift baskets or items entered in the auction and increasing the money that is raised.

We haven’t revealed our “contribution” to the auction yet…  Once we do, I will show you!

We attempted #17 – Go on a fall foliage drive…  The colors were not there yet so we will give it another try tomorrow!

IMG_4227 IMG_4219 IMG_4181

#34 – Change my hair color.  I have found a hair colorist and booked a consultation for this week!

Here you have it!  Week 2!

What about you?  Do you have a bucket list?

If so, is it seasonal, yearly or lifelong?

If you’ve written about it in your blog, please share it in the comments below.  I would live to read it!

10 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List – Week 2 Update

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  2. How lovely! I don’t have a bucket list. I simply live each day to the fullest if I can. I try my hardest to never turn down any opportunity that presents itself, and I’ve found that I’ve led a very fulfilling life in doing so! I do love your little autumn bucket list however, and I think that is fabulous that you’re following through with it. It’s much better than the ever failing “New Year’s Resolutions” that people make, and seem to give up on shortly thereafter. 😘💖

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