The best gifts are free

I did it!

I’m officially 40

I’ve been 40 for 6 weeks or so and I’ve been thinking about my birthday.

I was spoiled

I booked the day off

Had breakfast at a restaurant all by myself


Spent the day at the spa.

I was massaged, wrapped, creamed and got all 20 of my nails painted pretty.

My boss dropped my favorite salad for me at the spa and she made sure I had a celebration drink.


After it all, I have to admit that the best part of my day was when Emily gave me my birthday gift.

In the car, during our commute to school that morning Emily took her Justin Bieber CD out of the radio and replaced him with my Bon Jovi CD

When I asked her what she was doing she simply said : “Happy Birthday mom”


She picked Wanted Dead or Alive and did her best to sing along.

It’s been 6 weeks, my CD is still there.


Best gift ever!!!