Coffee date 

Picture this!

You and I are enjoying a coffee on a terasse in the city of your choosing.

I ordered a café latté in a bowl.

Where are we?

What are you drinking?


We talk about things that are important in our life and we noticed rather quickly that I have told you so much about Jon, Emily and I over the last 2 years but I know really little about you…

Please take a minute to tell me a little bit more about you in the comments below.

And just in case you are shy… Let me start the conversation.

1. My hero is Emily. She’s gone through so much and is still smiling.

2. My strength comes from my mother.  She’s an amazing role model and raised me right 🙂

3. The next thing I want to learn is photography.

4. The one thing I can’t quite figure out?  Pinterest!!!

Your turn!

Please, please, please…. Chat along!!!

Tell me a a little about you

I’m sitting here with my bowl of café latté and can’t wait to get to know you better!IMG_6949


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