Happy 17th Birthday Emily

Today was Emily’s 17th birthday. 

My baby is getting older… And I am so proud of the young lady she’s becoming. 

She is the reason for this blog, she is the reason that I am who I am. 

My baby is 17. 

Her Cri du Chat Syndrome diagnosis doesn’t define her. She defines herself!

Over the years, when other kids went to birthday parties and sleep-overs, Emily stayed home with us. 

The thing is, it’s difficult for her to make friends.  She has been invited to less than a handful of birthday parties in 17 years.

This year, a couple of really great things happened. 

First, she got a birthday card from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.    


Who else got that?  

She also got tons of Facebook messages and likes!

I posted on my wall that my baby is 17. My status received 93 likes and 48 comments. I’ve read them all to Emily. 

I posted on the Cri du Chat support group and we got 97 likes and 26 comments. Again, I took time to read them all to Emily. 

Emily’s runner from the “I run 4 Michael” group posted on the group’s Facebook page that it was Emily’s birthday. We got 133 likes and 27 comments. 

If you have a child who is sick or has special needs, you should really look them up on Facebook. Hundreds of runners are looking for buddies to dedicate their training to and build a friendship with. It’s an amazing community. We love our runner Sonia. 

Today, my girl received over 300 likes and 101 comments so far.  She received birthday wishes from all over the world!

My girl today felt like a rock star and has I took time to show her posts of Hello Kitty and Koala wearing birthday hat, I cried. 

It’s amazing how much I have cried in the last 17 years. 

Sad tears, happy tears, upset tears, proud tears. 

Happy Birthday Baby girl!  Thank you for loving me and being my favorite girl. You are awesome. 

And, yes!  You can have a Frozen theme party for your 17th birthday. 

I love you!   


Sweet 16

Every year, as we approach Emily’s birthday, I unconsciously review what Emily has learned, her struggles and what she hasn’t learned yet.

This year, Emily turned 16…

Sweet 16!

Emily wanted a party! A big party!!!

Jon and I sat down and talked about it.

Emily was going to be 16!

Driver’s ed, licenses, car insurance, maybe her own car… Picking a college or university soon… On top of that add boys, alcohol and who knows what else…

All of those, were not going to happen.

So, we could throw ourselves a pity party or throw Emily a Sweet 16 party!

We picked the Sweet 16 party!!!

We rented the whole bowling alley, hired an awesome dj (Krysta Jay), ordered the perfect cake, invited almost everybody we knew, bought snacks and decorated the bowling alley!

Here are some pics!








I would love to share pictures of our guests but I didn’t get all their ok to do so but this still shows that we had a blast!