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The day I told my daughter she can’t go to University. 

Reblogging a post that still triggers tears when I read it! A quick update, we bought more scrapbooking supplies but haven’t done anymore scrapbooking. Maybe I should find a course!?!?

Lessons from my daughter

It broke my heart.

Although Emily has cri du chat syndrome, I have raised her to believe in herself.

Over the last 2 years, we talked about life after high school. We talked about the fact that she doesn’t have to do post secondary studies…

I guess I never realized that not having to go was not clear enough…

Just thinking about Thursday’s conversation brings tears to my eyes.

When I arrived home, Emily told me there was something in her bookbag for me to look at.

She was excited… really excited.

On Thursday,the students in grade 11 & 12 at Emily’s high school went to a post secondary “trade show” where Universities, colleges and trade skills schools were represented.

Emily told me which University she picked. She picked U de M (because it’s French and she speaks French) and was going to study musique (because she needs to get…

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