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Love at first sight

Can’t wait to see this cutie again 😊

Lessons from my daughter

I knew she existed

A friend sent me a note a month or so ago, telling me a little girl was born in a city near us. I don’t get notes every time a child is born near us 😳 but this little girl is like my Emily. She was diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome within a couple of weeks of being born.

I didn’t try to find her, I didn’t research her parents. I figured we would cross path soon enough.

Last week, I received a message on our Facebook page from Katherine (the mom)

We talked for a bit and lucky for us, she told me she would be in our city this weekend.

We picked a time and place to meet.

When they arrived we said hello, introduced ourselves than we were like old friends… Even the dad’s were chatting.

I like seeing babies but I…

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