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My baby girl’s syndrome

Reblogging as it continues to ring true!

Lessons from my daughter

Today marked the 16th anniversary of Emily’s diagnosis…

Cri du chat syndrome… Or CDC syndrome… Or 5P-

16 years ago, our life changed

This 15 months old little girl has changed us.

I write about Emily’s success, I tell you about all the wonderful things she does and I show you pictures that showcase my girl in the best light possible.

I told you about the day the genetic counsellors told us that she would never walk, talk, recognize us, show emotions, learn to eat…

I told you how she can do all of those things.

I don’t tell you about some of her challenges because she asked me not to.

The fact that she can ask me not to tell you some of her more private struggles is a success.

She understands that some things are private.

I do my best to take you into our world but I…

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