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That wasn’t the deal…!

Over the years, Emily has been awarded the title of fashion advisor.

She is a really honest advisor who normally tells me that I look awesome…

That changed this morning

I walked in Emily’s room as per usual and asked her what she thought of my outfit.

I was wearing a skirt and a white top.

She said : “Meh!”

What the

I asked her what she meant by “meh!”.

She pointed at my outfit and said that’s too much white and it doesn’t go with the pretty skirt.

I left the room and came back with a great faux-leather jacket.

Emily was still not sold but it was “Better!”

I added a necklace and got the passing grade!

And there I was under the impression we had a deal where I asked her opinion and she paid me a compliment.

Now I know for a fact that when she tells me I look awesome, she thinks it!

That is my silver lining!


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22 thoughts on “That wasn’t the deal…!

  1. Love the fashion shows we get at work! πŸ™‚ but where is the head on this lovely model? πŸ˜‰

  2. One thing about kids is that they are usually honest when asked their opinion. I thought you looked great.

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