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The look alike

“Mom, is that me with grand-père Max?”

“Do you remember that day?”


“Do you remember grand-père Max looking like that?

“So who do you think is on that picture with grand-père Max?”

…. Thinking …. Thinking …. Looking at the picture some more …. Thinking ….


“Yes, I was 19, just 2 years older than you now.”

“You look just like me”

“No baby, you look just like me!”


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18 thoughts on “The look alike

  1. What an amazing post!! It must be quite a joy to see her grow up into exactly who you were some years ago! And it must definitely be gratifying… I can imagine you grining when she asked you those questions 😀

      • She definitely is an inspiration! Some day she will read all that you have documented about her here and she will be ever so grateful to you for the incredible efforts you put in for her! Lots of love and hugs to all of you…

  2. My younger brother (10 years difference) asked me one day, while we were at our great-grandparents house “Kate, when did you get married?” I’ve never been married. “Well, there is a picture of you in a wedding dress in here”. No, that would be our mom 🙂

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