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Our house is quarantine

Jon has been under the weather for awhile 

Sunday evening, I felt the chill. 

Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache which by mid-day had transformed into a full on headache, earache, sore throat, sensible skin, chill and probably fever. 

I’ve never, ever felt that bad before! 

I went to the clinic and got some medication as it was within 24 hours of the symptoms starting. 

I slept from 3pm till 11am today and still can’t function. 

And now, my girl is not well so we are starting her on medication too. 

I hope we got this before she was anywhere near where I was yesterday. I hate that she can’t tell me when she’s not well. 

This is one of the side effect of Emily’s Cri du chat syndrome that I truly hate. I don’t know if it’s because she can’t feel it or because she can’t describe it but there is no way for me to know exactly how she feels. It’s a guessing game. 

21 thoughts on “Our house is quarantine

  1. It’s so hard when the caregivers end up needing care. Hoping that you all feel better quickly.

  2. Poor babies. All 3 of you! Is it possible that you use the smiley face method that hospitals use with little kids? Have a bunch of smiley faces from crying to upside down smile to straight line to full on smile etc…and get Em to choose how she feels? Sorry if you have already done this in the past. I’m sure you have . I just wanted to offer some suggestion.

    • That’s a cute idea. The thing with Emily is that she doesn’t feel things like we do. Something to do with under developed white matter which impacts her nervous system. By the time we notice that she’s not feeling well, she’s normally way more sick than she looks like.

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