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A to Z Challenge – Day 4 – D



I was truly wondering where she was going with that word.  Emily likes ducks and feeds them at the pond but other than that I couldn’t figure out why she would pick this word until she came back upstairs with this book:

Make Way for Ducklings

“Do you remember mom when we went to Boston and we saw the ducks in the park?  That’s the story in this book right?”

My girl has an amazing memory!

She loved the story when we were in Boston and we bought her the book as a souvenir!  It all comes back to books!


A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #996


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13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 4 – D

  1. Haha, of course it comes back to books! My all-time favorite book is similarly connected to fond memories of traveling with my grandma. Love this post!

    • It is. After she started talking, she would tell us about things that happened way before, when she couldn’t talk. It showed us that she was always in there, learning and experiencing things and remembering them while the doctors kept saying she wasn’t capable of it…

  2. I love this! Sometimes my son surprises me with what he remembers from trips, too. I always loved that book (and all of Robert McCloskey’s books) because I grew up just outside of Boston and got to ride the swan boats when I was young. What a wonderful “D” word!

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