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Wishing you a fabulous month of March ahead

April is right around the corner! Let’s see who else will add their location to this email!

Emily is sending you love and happiness!

Let’s show Emily how far her best wishes are traveling!

Please let us know in the comments where you are in the world!

I will get us started!  We are writing from New Brunswick, Canada. It should be winter ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ here right now but we haven’t seen it yet which worries me because now we are hoping this spring weather is here to stay 🤗

Find more about about Cri du Chat syndrome at 5p- Society

Emily has a her own page in the family stories , you can find it here: Emily

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72 thoughts on “Wishing you a fabulous month of March ahead

    • Thank you Annette. We were planning to visit California this summer but with our Canadian money being worth so little we had to change our plans. We really hope to find our way there someday!

      • I hope so too! It is funny you mention travel because me and my new friend May J are hosting a wonderful challenge you are sure to enjoy. I am posting teasers here And there but kick off and reveal is May 1st. I need to get to Emily’s blog too!:-)

      • Emily wants to blog one day but her writing skills are not there yet. She is starting to work with a private tutor on this next week. She is really excited. She will join me on the A to Z challenge, writing short sentences on the words she picked. We love traveling! Next June we will fly to Edmonton, Alberta and drive from there to Victoria, British Columbia. We will do this over a couple of weeks. We are really excited about it!

      • I feel the same way but I am super duper nervous. I chose a theme that is not my “norm” and I worry my readers won’t like it. I am scheduled all the way to “H” but need to be all done soon. I have another project “interview a blogger” that is important but I must devote some time doing that I have 5 bloggers signed up and ready. So I think I over booked my time. Lol craziness has begun!

      • LOL…. I decided to go with my theme, Emily, and made her pick our 26 words. We have our words the shell of the 26 posts. Now we need to write. Emily wants to write with me!

  1. Hi Emily – from Dallas Texas! I enjoy reading and hearing about all of your activities. Mild winter here too – we already have trees blooming!

  2. Wow this is so much fun to read and see who’s all reading from which location! Cool cool cool. Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

  3. Joe here, checking in from Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia….. can’t say I’ve seen snow at this time of year where I am because it’s Summer here in Australia. Really hot and dry…..

  4. Awwiee..that’s so cute.. My son tries to make one too..with his tiny fingers, he isn’t quite there making a complete hear, but I get him to practice it each and every day, every SINGLE day. I want him to figure it out soon 🙂

  5. De Longueuil (pas exotique je sais) à 04:20. Bravo pour le courage des parents et d’Emily.

  6. Thank you Emily, from Montréal, Québec. We have had spring days and winter days…it is a messy winter here. Tonight we are expecting a blizzard with 20cm of snow and too much wind. March is coming in like a lion alright and if March 3rd is any indication of the rest of month…not sure spring is close by. As we say le 3 fait le mois.

    • Thank you for commenting. We had so much snow here last year that this “no snow” winter is really strange. Emily wants me to tell you that she has 5 cousins, all boys living in Montreal. I would clarify by saying near Montreal 😉

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