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Cooking with daddy!

I am extremely happy that Emily is fairly high functioning but…

Yes, there is a but!

But, sometimes I feel people forget that she needs help and support.

I love chatting with her about her day, what she did and how she feels.  Sometimes I get the typical 1 word answer.  Other times we actually chat quite a bit.

Tonight she pulled one piece of paper out of her pocket with the word “Vietnamese” on it and told me that she needed to research and make a Vietnamese salad dressing for the salad bar at school tomorrow.

There is no notes in her agenda, no emails, nothing really to confirm what she said so we will go with it.

Emily and I researched the dressing, settled on this recipe and made a list of ingredients we needed to buy.

After dinner, Jonathan and Emily tackled the recipe and decided to double it.

I was sitting no far, just listening to the 2 of them and inserting myself in the conversation here and there.

Look at them!

Daddy made sure the measurements were good and he chopped the garlic and the hot peppers while Emily made sure that the dressing didn’t boil!  

Emily had a small taste of hot chili peppers . She’s not going to do that again!

It was so much fun to see them share this moment, I loved it!

I love them!

My perfect family!


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14 thoughts on “Cooking with daddy!

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  2. We have the same issues with my son’s school. No notes, study guides, advanced notice of quizzes. It’s frustrating. The teachers act like they have zero training in special needs teaching. We constantly have to train them. Ugh!

    • Emily could be easily forgotten. Sitting in the back, in her bubble drawing away all day. She’s quiet and unless someone actively involved her… I’m hoping this dressing we made is what she needed as she would be so proud of it but at the same time, if she passed this message properly it gives me less power to ask them to communicate with me through notes in her agenda…. Ugh indeed!

      • It’s been a constant battle. They didn’t bargain for our bulldog mentality though. We refuse to let him be slighted, skate through, or slip through the cracks.

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