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A to Z Challenge – April 2016 – Are you in?

I told you on March 6th that Emily and I are joining the A to Z Challenge in April.

Some bloggers will pick a theme for this challenge, me, I needed to find a way to respect “Lessons from my Daughter”while doing this challenge!  I can’t really see myself picking a random theme as my theme is Emily and our life.  I blog about us, I blog about Emily and I tell you about her challenges and success, I do my best to raise awareness for Cri du Chat Syndrome while keeping you engaged and hopefully entertained!

Before signing-up, I talked to Emily about this!

We’ve had meetings earlier this year to talk about her future, to discuss what Emily wants to do, to try and figure out what will come after high school!

We made a plan


A big plan!

In there, somewhere, it says that Emily wants to start her own blog.

To help her, we enrolled her in some more tutoring class.  We are certainly paying a University degree in tutoring but as long as my girl is learning, we will figure out a way to pay for this.  They know her and are working extremely well with her.

So, this A to Z challenge, this will be my chance to introduce you to Emily’s writing!

So far, we’ve picked 25 words, not necessarily the words I wanted but I am allowing Emily to be the driving force.

Emily doesn’t like my suggestions for letter “Q” so I will need to get my dictionary out and find new options.

Emily also doesn’t want to write about hospital, therapies, surgeries and so on.  She made that really clear by crossing off some of my words!

I bought Emily a new notebook and today we dedicated a page per letter.  Look at her, she worked hard on this.  I will try to dedicate some time weekly for us to work on these posts so they are ready to go out daily comes April 1st.

Stay tuned!

Thanks to Niki at The richness of a simple life for introducing us to this challenge.

Emily and I are #1022 of 1102 entries so far!

Check it out!

What is blogging from A to Z


Join us on this journey: Sign-up here


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You can also find me on Twitter at @plebrass

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Find me and other mommy and daddy bloggers on Top Mommy Blog

Find more about about Cri du Chat syndrome at 5p- Society

Emily has a her own page in the family stories , you can find it here: Emily


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