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Today, I am hosting my first meet and greet! Lea stopped by and introduced her blog. 
I find it fitting to share her post below on our Canadian Thanksgiving as I am thankful for the freedom I enjoy and thankful for the opportunity to learn about other cultures. 
I hope you will enjoy it!


Today is the International Day of the Girl, hence I would like to tell about my visit to a Masai tribelast Saturday, October 3rd. Since we are a part of the program Communication for Change, our task in the Masai was to discuss one or more of the following subjects; Economic Justice, Climate Change or Gender. We figured it would be interesting to discuss gender roles with some of the Masai girls, because of our major cultural differences. The conversation we had with the Masai girls revealed thingsthat were quite shocking toI believe both the Norwegians and Tanzanians on our team. Following the pictures below, are some of the questions and answers from our conversation.

IMG_0222(Rebekka 13).

“When girls come home from school they have to help out at home, the boys can do what they want”.
Do you think this is fair?
“No” .
Does this make it…

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3 thoughts on “MASAI GIRLS

    • Great post! I agree with you that thinking worst case scenario helps change your outlook on your decision. I do that regularly without even noticing that’s what I’m doing.
      I put the same spin on forgiveness… When I am emotionally hurt or upset, I try to think about the other person who is making me feel that way. What if they don’t wake up tomorrow, am I ok with this (whatever it was) being our last conversation? This is a worst case scenario. If I’m not ok with it, I will reach out. Not to forgive necessarily but to express that “Although I am hurt or upset, I still love you.” Or “I need time but don’t give up on me yet” type of conversation…

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